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No matter what type of event you are preparing to plan, cost is almost always the biggest deciding factor in any decision that you make. Your budget comes into play whether it’s a small birthday party you’ve been planning all year long, or a large wedding reception you’ve been planning your entire life. Having your event be the best that it can be for the fairest price possible is a good rule of thumb, but be very cautionary when it comes to the type of entertainment you hire. Spending a small amount of money on the least expensive DJ you can find could result in a day you’ll remember for all the wrong reasons.

Words of Warning About the Cheapest DJ

We totally understand that you are on a budget, and the nearest disc jokey in your town is offering seemingly affordable wedding receptions for a few hundred dollars a night. At first thought, this may sound like a great deal that’s too good to be true. And you’re completely right! The reason for this is that the cheap, budget DJ lacks the necessary professional equipment, years of experience, and talented resources to guarantee you a safe day without any problems. Cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to entertainment.

The cheapest DJ may also have very few and very poor reviews online, or in real life for that matter. Even if they have great reviews, at that price they cannot afford the proper equipment or dedicated time for your wedding. We completely understand, because this is how we started out long ago, and it was nearly impossible. If all you want is music playing at your event, wouldn’t connecting your phone to a rented sound system be more cost effective and reliable than a DJ with the lowest price? Think about it.

If you desire to go down this route and hire the cheapest DJ, you are truly taking a huge risk on the biggest day of your entire life. Trust us, this is something you will come to regret as the event unfolds, and even more so years down the road as you reflect on your entertainment mistake. Please take this into consideration. Choose wisely, because saving a few dollars up front will most likely lead to a lot of wasted money in the end.

Words of Wisdom About the Professional DJ

Instead of the cheapest option, strongly consider paying a couple hundred dollars more to hire an experienced DJ that will ensure your big day is free of stress. It will be well worth it. Although they may cost a bit more, professional wedding DJs have all of the necessary equipment and backups in place in case something fails. They have the ability to do live mixing and put on a one-of-a-kind lighting show to get your audience dancing to your handpicked playlist. Experienced DJs can also effectively coordinate your event and serve as your emcee, the host and personality of your reception.

At Jason Kent Sound and Lighting, we know what a world of difference a professional in this industry can make because we’ve seen and experienced it first hand. Make the comparison between us and the competition, and you will see that our services and value for the professionalism we provide are second-to-none. We offer a truly original, non-intrusive approach to entertainment for unique couples and unique events. A DJ can definitely make or break your event or reception, so please do your homework by reading reviews and researching pricing thoroughly.

There may be many cheaper DJs out there, but remember, you get what you pay for!

Still Unsure About DJ Pricing?

Feel free to check out our pricing and browse our available party or wedding packages. Discounts are also available for Military Service or Public Safety Personnel. For reference on cost, check out this very informative Wedding DJ Cost Guide to see how we compare. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find, and hope that you consider Jason Kent Sound and Lighting for your next event in Northwest Ohio! If you have any questions at all, please call 419-619-2291 or contact us today.

By: Jason Droll

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