Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your “DJ style? Do you MC?”

Our DJs will skillfully make announcements with proper mic etiquette and formally guide the crowd through the night, always keeping them excited for what's coming up next. We will provide formal introductions for the bridal party, make appropriate announcements, assist with welcoming your guests, and provide guidance through all of your formal events.

We believe a DJ’s responsibility is not only to play the right music at the right times, but to coordinate your reception. We take the worry off of you by helping you plan, and guiding you and your guests through the formalities of the night. Professional DJs, especially DJs that with an expertise in weddings, have to be very customer service oriented.

It's important to keep in mind that Jason Kent Sound and Lighting does not offer a cookie-cutter approach to wedding entertainment. We as real DJ's incorporate renowned DJ skills and the experience understand your crowd. Sometimes mixing and scratching are not appropriate in certain situations, so we take a non-intrusive approach to your event. We are very familiar with all genres of music so MUSICAL style is not a factor. Many Wedding and Event DJ's in this area are not DJ's at all, they are simply guys with sound systems and music who do not know how to mix, beatmatch, or MC. There are only a few DJ services (that specialize in weddings) in the area that do. We guarantee a whole different experience with us. We are young enough to keep up with current trends, and experienced enough to play all the favorites that will even have your grandparents dancing! We are redefining the Wedding DJ experience in the Northwest Ohio area, shifting the paradigm from cheesy, creepy, boring, or sloppy to cool, fun, and classy :).

Trust a company with a proven commitment to making your night a night to remember.

2. Is your music edited?

Of course! If we cannot find an edited version we can edit it in our studio, we will discuss this more in our consultation.

3. What do you guys typically wear to a formal event or wedding?

We always show up in the proper attire to match your event. Our typical wedding attire consists of a button up shirt, tie, vest, dress pants/slacks, and dress shoes.
If your event has a theme, we will discuss matching our attire with your theme.

4. Do you DJ only one wedding or event per night? Also, is there a backup DJ for my event?

Your wedding or event deserves our undivided attention and complete focus, so we only book ONE event per DJ for each date. We are not that DJ company that has 5 other DJ's to manage, and multiple events to manage per night. We have a maximum of two main wedding DJ's at an event at any given night, and another backup DJ just incase something should happen. Let's face it, it's hard to find a responsible DJ, let alone a team of them. Just saying "Responsible DJ" can be an oxymoron in our industry. We like to keep our circle small to better manage what's going on, and it reflects in the satifaction of our clients. You get our full, undivided attention. You don't have to share us with any other couples on your special day!

5. What makes you different from the budget DJ that’s charging 3-400 dollars on Craigslist?

Professionalism, reliability, and experience DJing hundreds of weddings and events. We are full time music professionals. Dj equipment is not cheap, and reliable Dj equipment is even more costly. I wonder if the DJ who charges $400 per wedding can afford to keep his equipment up-to-date and pay for necessary expenses? Probably not. We are willing to bet he doesn’t have proper mic etiquette. For a complete pricing guide click here.

Check this webpage out, it goes into detail about what you might get if you choose to go with the cheaper, unknown DJ found on Thumbtack or Craigslist: WeddingWire - DJ Horror Stories

6. Can you guys mix or blend together songs (or edit them) for one of our special dances? Can we get a copy of the mix before our event so we can practice?

Yes! We can either blend/mix it live at your event, or we can record our performance and send you the mp3 via email to practice to. We have a recording and mixing studio on Jefferson Street in downtown Toledo. Not only do we have the necessary equipment to get your mix right, we have the skills too!

7. We live outside of NW Ohio, do you travel?

Yes, but there are additional fee's that will need to be discussed. Contact us.

8. We were looking at another DJ service and they listed the specs of their system. Why isn't your specs listed on your website?

We have three different systems we use depending on the size of the room and guests in attendance that will be more than sufficiant for any room size, but in our experience the loudness of the music takes a back seat to the dj's integrity, classiness, ability to play the right music at the right times, and mix it like a pro. Room size, acoustics, and number of people in the room are all important factors of music sounding great, not just the dj's equipment. Please be weary of dj services who use wattage and specs as the most important factor, because that usually means they lack greatly in other areas.

9. How much is the deposit?

The deposit does not lock you into any package or extra service, it simply guarantee's we will hold the date for you. Deposits are $250.

10. Can we see/hear what you do?

Yes! You can check us out on IG under @dj_jason_kent. Also, we are the only are Wedding DJ service that has mixes on our website you may listen to. These mixes are not tailored to your specific crowd, they are a mix of songs that have packed the floor at weddings we have done in the past, or they are one of our mix shows that we put together for radio. You may find these mixes on our Meet Our DJs page for each DJ. You will hear the talent that sets us apart from other "DJs" in the area. There are also videos of our in-studio mix sessions coming soon. Keep in mind, your event is tailored to you and your crowd.

11. I see you won awards in 2019 and 2020, but what about lately?

We no longer use The Knot or Weddingwire to advertise or book weddings. Our site has become so popular and our referrals are enough to keep us booked. It's definitely a good thing, but since we no longer need The Knot or Weddingwire, we don't deserve awards apparently :)

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