How much does a DJ cost?

Let us help you research!

We know searching and waiting for quotes from vendors can be tiresome, so we've done your homework for you when it comes to comparing prices. Below we've listed our prices and services compared with prices of some of the other leading DJ services in the area. Make the comparison and you will see our award winning, top-shelf service is the best for the value. We are not for everyone. We offer a unique, non-intrusive approach to entertainment for unique couples and unique events. A DJ can definitely make or break your reception, so please do your research. We are totally transparent about our pricing and have no issue posting it on our page in contrast with other DJ companies who will make you contact them for a quote.

In short, according to our research the national average price for a DJ is $1200. In the Toledo and Findlay areas we see an average price of around $1000 ranging anywhere between $600 for an amateur DJ to $2000 for a bigger DJ company on the expensive side. We like to price ourselves in between that range and slightly above average for a few reasons:

1. We like to keep it affordable for couples to experience real, professional service with experience and quality. Also, it's not all about money for us; we genuinely love what we do!

2. We do not like to consider ourselves average. With each of our DJ's having well over a decade of experience, our reviews are excellent. We have nothing less than 5 stars on each platform (see below).

3. We keep our circle small: We have a small team of DJs because good DJs are hard to find, and OUTSTANDING DJs are even harder! Many of the prominent DJ companies in our area have several less experienced and newer DJs under them. While you may consider paying a higher fee thinking you're getting a top-notch DJ, in reality it often means you just booked with a larger company. If I were to book with one of these companies, I'd have concerns about the possibility of my DJ handling their very first wedding event.

Attention: Weddings that fall on Friday/Sunday and Winter Weddings!

If you would like to see if you can book the date at a cheaper rate with us, you may get a instant quote immediately by registering. We may be trying to book your particular date at a lower cost, up to 25% off, or awesome deals on uplighting depending on the date (especially weddings that fall on Fridays or Sundays, or winter weddings).

There may be many cheaper DJ's out there, but remember, you get what you pay for. Ask to hear a mix that the DJ has done, read reviews, and be informed. Is wedding entertainment their full-time profession? Music is our full-time job, and we've provided wedding entertainment for hundreds of events in our area. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide top shelf service many other DJ services do not have. Take a look at the following web page, it goes into detail about what you might get if you choose to go with the cheaper, unknown DJ found on Thumbtack or Craigslist: WeddingWire - DJ Horror Stories

Other DJ services have cheaper packages, but have many hidden fees. Please hold your DJ accountable to spelling out exactly what's included in these cheaper packages.

For general events such as small birthday parties and pool parties (these dates are limited), we charge $150 per hour plus a $100 set-up/take-down fee. There are no set-up or take-down fees with any of our wedding packages.

** There is a $250 deposit to reserve your date. This deposit is of course subtracted from your overall fee. If you cannot pay the deposit right away, not a problem, let us know when you can and we will hold the date for up to 30 days until the deposit is paid and your date is reserved.

All of the following packages include:

  • A Professional and Experienced DJ
  • MC Services / Wireless Mics
  • Sound System
  • Sound Activated Dance Lighting
  • Free Online Song Request App for your Guests - Developed by Us
  • No hidden/extra fees (besides travel outside of NW Ohio/SE Michigan)
  • Easy Online Payments
  • Easy Online Reception/Party Planning Developed Exclusively by Us!
  • Communication! We are always one text/call away!

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Our Wedding Packages

Discounts available for Military Service or Public Safety Personnel (yes, nurses too)!

Simply click the "Book Now" button under the package you like to set up your account and reserve your date.**

$ Your Basic Reception Package.
Platinum Wedding
  • 5 Hour Reception
  • Online Reception Planning and Consulting
  • Sound Activated Dance Lighting
$ Impress your guests. The modern DJ set-up.
Deluxe System
  • Everything Included in Platinum AND Diamond
  • Deluxe App Controlled Light Show, see picture/patterns on the dancefloor
  • Best Sound System

If this is a Party, Class Reunion, or just a General Event, you need a Party Package.

For general events such as small birthday parties and pool parties, we charge $150 per hour plus a $100 set-up/take-down fee. There are no set-up or take-down fees with any of our wedding packages.

I Need A Party Package

Extra Services

Photobooth (360 Photobooth Coming Soon!)

Toledo Photobooth Print

Photobooth add on to DJ Package: $500 Entire Event.

Photobooth Standalone Package: $600 for first 3 hours.

Extra Options:

Printer Add-On Option: Additional $100

Print Templates Customized to your Event: Additional $50

More information HERE



Uplighting add on to DJ Package: $300

Uplighting Standalone Package: $500

More information HERE

Make the comparison using the tables below.

5 Hour Reception Package
(scroll right on mobile )
Our Service (Jason Kent) Competitor 1 (Most Popular) Competitor 2 (Cheapest)
Starting Price $ $1500 $300 - $600
Deposit (subtracted from fee) $250 $200 - $400 ?
Reception Cordination/Planning
Custom Mobile Online Planner/Payments
Full Sound System
Sound Activated Dance Floor Lighting
Wireless Microphones Maybe
Consulting Unlimited Meetings One Meeting Maybe
Experience 10 years or more 10 years or more if you book the lead DJ, but there's a good chance you're booking a less experienced DJ, or the newly hired DJ 0 to 5 years

(scroll right on mobile )
Our Prices (Jason Kent) Competitor 1 (Most Popular) Competitor 2 (Cheapest)
Uplighting 12 Customized LED Uplights with DJ Only Six Uplights Available
Online Song Requests for Guests FREE
Ceremony DJ Free with Diamond and Deluxe Pkg* $250 $0 - $100
Wireless Microphones 2 Available for Free Extra Fee
Travel Expenses $2/mile after 40 miles $2/mile after 35 miles Takes the bus?
Equipment Quality, backups available, insured Quality, backups available, insured Second hand, no backup equipment, not insured
Mixing Skills

* Ceremony Music is provided with package as long as ceremony location and time are relatively close to reception location and time. There are extra fees if the ceremony is in a different location as the reception based on DJ's discretion. Outside ceremonies are contingent on weather.

A Warning About the Cheapest DJ

We know, you're on a budget and the affordable budget DJ is doing receptions for $300 to $500 dollars. The cheap/budget DJ lacks necessary equipment, experience, and resources to give you a guaranteed safe and smooth day. You are really taking a risk here. Why not pay a couple hundred more to hire an experienced DJ with all of the necessary equipment (and backups in case something fails) to make your day that much more stress free? Does he even know how to make a reception flow properly? Even if they have great reviews, at that price he cannot afford the necessary equipment or time to dedicate to your wedding. We know, because this is how we started out, and it was impossible. So please take this into consideration. In conclusion, if all you want is someone to play music, wouldn't it be cheaper and more reliable to just rent a sound system and hook up your iPod/phone? Think about it.

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Still Unsure about Pricing?

Feel free to do your own research, check out this article on Weddingwire here. Also this is an extremely good article another DJ wrote here. You may also contact us. Discounts are available for Military Service or Public Saftey Personel! Also we do not have less than a FIVE STAR review on any platform!

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