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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, then your wedding is the perfect place to take more photos to add to your story together as a couple. Your photographer is there to professionally capture all of your most important moments. Your friends and family are there to take their own photographs of your special day. But, what about snapping the more candid group opportunities? Well, photo booths are the answer! Continue reading to find out about all the potential benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding reception.

Make It Memorable for Everyone

The best way to capture memories of your special day! Remember the old photo booths with the curtain in the mall? They printed off your series of impromptu, sometimes silly photos onto strips of film. A photo booth is the new, easy-to-use way to conveniently freeze frames at wedding receptions. Think of it as an automated selfie booth. They can have a variety of different backdrops you can choose from. Backgrounds that feature an open design allow for even larger group photos at receptions. Props can also be incorporated to make your photos more fun and exciting.

When working with a professional DJ service, the ability to add a photo booth to your package is a seamless integration. In order for this to be possibility, be sure to find a reputable and experienced disc jockey who has this new and exciting service available. Photo booths can added onto an existing DJ package, or booked as a standalone package instead. You can also choose to have a printer available to instantly print out your favorite photos, or upgrade to your very own customized print templates. The options are endless!

Candidly Capture Your Memories

Photo booths are one of the hottest trends at wedding receptions. In todays photo-centric society, pictures and video are the most popular means of communication. Having plenty of different ways to capture your big day from all angles can never be a bad thing. The more traditional, professional photography and videography you will receive from your official photographer will be the memories you will frame and hang up on your wall for all to see. Another great way to ensure that your wedding is captured from all angles is to have your guests take additional photos from their point of view.

The best way to get group photos and video clips of everyone that came to celebrate is by having a photo booth at your reception. People can gather together behind your selected backdrop and take funny or serious photos to make more memories. The ability of your guests to be able to unwind and be themselves in a situation like this is priceless. It will give you the type of photos that you would normally only be able to take from the comfort of your own phone. Save yourself the hassle and awkwardness of having to carry around your cell phone at your reception. Instead, leave all that work to your automated photo booth. Say cheese!

Book Your Photo Booth Today!

Looking to incorporate this affordable and fun feature into your upcoming wedding?ย As you have read, there are many benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding. After your reception, all photos are conveniently uploaded to our Facebook page for you to download, tag, and share. If you are located in the greater Toledo area, we are your destination for all things in entertainment! Please contact Jason Kent Sound and Lighting if you are interested in a photo booth only, or a DJ and photo booth.

By: Jason Droll

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