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Now more than ever before, wedding receptions are becoming almost as big of an event as your big day itself. Whether the afterparty to your vows is large or small, knowing the latest trends can help you and your loved one make current and informed decisions about the look and feel of your reception. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest wedding reception trends you need to know for the upcoming year, and beyond!

Master of Ceremonies

DJs are the new MCs. Long gone are the days when a hired disc jokey just showed up to a wedding reception and simply played music. Now, a professional DJ can serve as the Master of Ceremonies for your night, smoothly transitioning from song to song, and event to event. Booking a DJ who can also function as your MC for the evening can make your reception feel flawless to your guests.

A professional DJ service can effortlessly become a coordinator in their role for your wedding day, alongside playing the music you tediously picked out. This is priceless! Many DJs can also provide live mixing at your reception, and some even have backgrounds in the radio industry. Wedding DJs are your one-stop-shop for entertainment on the day you need it the most. Read reviews online and find one you can trust. An experienced DJ is the hidden key to your wedding ceremony!

Old School Tracks

The music from your past is new again! Nostalgia is in, and all the big songs from yesteryear are making a comeback. Whether your favorite decade was the 70s, 80s, or 90s, the top tracks from back in the day are still packing the dance floors of wedding receptions all over the place.

Nobody has rhymed it better in recent times than Naughty By Nature in the intro to New Kids On The Block’s latest single, 80s Baby. ”It ain’t nothin’ like an old school track to get the party jumpin’ just like that.”

Or, have your first dance be to your favorite slow song from the good old days. It’s truly something that you both will remember, and your guests are sure to reminisce about as you dance the night away together. Make it special. Nothing stands out more than the memories that are invoked when you hear that special song that hasn’t been played in so long.

Be original! What’s old is new again, especially with music. So, take some advice from the classic and nostalgic words from Montell Jordan’s most famous song, “let’s flip the track, bring the old school back.”

Add Some Uplighting

Transform your reception hall into something truly elegant, warm and inviting. Uplighting can add a huge visual impact, turning your wedding reception room into something very classy and unique. No matter the size of your reception space, uplights can be strategically placed around the parameter of the room to dramatically enhance the celebratory atmosphere for you and your guests. Ambience is everything.

Incorporate one of the most popular wedding reception trends with uplighting. Changing colors to signify when it’s time to party, uplights can also flicker and strobe to the beat of the music. Want that one-of-a-kind wedding night? Make it right by adding these popular lights!

Fun with Photo Booths

The funnest way to capture memories of your special day! Remember the old photo booths with the curtain in the mall that printed off your series of impromptu, silly photos onto strips of film? A photo booth is the new, easy-to-use way to freeze frames at wedding receptions. We’ll bring the props, you bring the fun!

Photo booths can have a variety of different backdrops. Backgrounds that feature an open design allow for even larger group photos at receptions. Digital photo booths can also instantly deliver pictures and animated GIFs directly to phones via text or email. For an additional fee, a printing option can be added that lets you and your guests instantly print out 2×6 photostrips with four photos on customizable print layouts while attending your wedding.

Afterwords, all photos that guests took can be conveniently uploaded to your DJs Facebook page for you and your friends to share, tag, or download! Automated operation with simple on-screen instructions, photo filters, and delivery options. Just press start and get your hashtag ready for photo booth fun!

Book Your Wedding DJ Today!

Professionally incorporate any or all of these wedding reception trends trends into your big day to make it an event everyone will attend. Call Jason Kent Sound and Lighting at 419-619-2291 today, or contact us with any questions or ideas you may have. We are always here to help!

By: Jason Droll

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