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Starting on June 1, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine is once again permitting weddings and receptions to take place in Ohio with many safety restrictions now in place. A majority of these changes are similar to the ones that were recently imposed on restaurants. For wedding receptions, the biggest change to keep guests safe comes down to entertainment. No dance floors are allowed for the foreseeable future. However, professional DJ services are permitted. Please continue reading to get up to speed on all the new changes as wedding receptions return amid the reality of COVID-19.

The New Normal

Getting married soon? Attending a wedding or reception in the near future? Then pay close attention to all the new changes that will soon be commonplace for wedding receptions. For now, backyard weddings are still not allowed. However, the new rules and regulations for catering and banquet halls to safely deal with COVID-19 are as follows:

• Wedding guests will be segmented by parties of 10 or fewer people, with up to 300 total guests permitted at the ceremony or reception.

• Whatever the fire code for the reception venue is, the maximum occupancy will be cut in half to allow for proper social distancing protocols.

• Parties and tables must be separated by six feet or a physical barrier which includes high booth back, plexiglass wall, or clear curtain.

• Cleaning and sanitizing schedules will be elevated for all surfaces that staff and guests frequently touch and come into contact with.

• Workers are required to frequently wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, but not all are expected to wear gloves.

• Remaining closed for now will be open congregate areas like dance floors, although, these areas can be used for seating to assist social distancing.

• Separate entrance and exit doors should be used wherever possible, with no-touch entrances and exits being the preference.

• Single serve packets and cups should be used on tables by caterers instead of using containers for condiments used by multiple guests.

• Whether or not to require that wedding guests wear masks will be up to the individual banquet or catering hall, but are highly recommended.

Wedding Reception Creativity

Even with all the upcoming changes in place, your wedding reception can still be what your dreams are made of. All you have to do is think outside the box! For instance, couples could still make their memorable first dance happen in a different way. The bride and groom could potentially have their priceless first dance from behind the head table instead of on the dance floor as they traditionally did in the past. Also, incorporating stylish masks may become part of the getup for bridesmaids and groomsmen at ceremonies. Imagine having color-coordinated masks so that everyone in the wedding party matches. Additionally, things like hand sanitizer bottles custom labeled with the wedding date may be on every table or given to guests as gifts. The possibilities are endless! Although smaller and safer weddings may soon become the norm, that doesn’t mean that they have to be any less chic and glamorous than they were before.

Essential Wedding DJs

Professional DJ services are still allowed as they not only provide ceremony and dinner music, but emcee the entire night as well. Once again, sound and lighting entertainment for your big day is back! Even if the length of some upcoming wedding receptions is shortened, DJ services are still needed and in very high demand. For immediate assistance in getting your wedding reception safely back on track in Northwest Ohio, please contact Jason Kent Sound and Lighting today! Call us at 419.619-2291 and we will be happy to help you navigate through all of these ongoing COVID-19 changes within the wedding industry. To us, safety and professionalism is key. We are here to be fully compliant with all these new reception regulations and make your entertainment dreams a reality.

By: Jason Droll

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