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Choosing the right wedding DJ can be a very tedious and timely process, and making sure you find the right one is critical to the success of your wedding reception. Before deciding on a potential entertainment service to book for your event, first ask yourself these very important questions in order to help you choose the right wedding DJ.

What level of experience does the DJ have?

When looking for a potential DJ for your wedding, it’s important to see how long they have been at their craft. If a DJ service is just starting up, chances are they do not have the experience and nohow necessary to properly plan and carry out your wedding reception. Therefore, look for someone who has many years of experience in your area to ensure you have someone who can properly do their job. A decade of experience at a minimum can be a good indicator that the DJ in question has enough experience to make your wedding a musical success.

Are the online reviews for the DJ good?

Reading online reviews is a great way to judge the past, and future excellence of a potential DJ. If the people who have hired them in the past have great things to say about them, chances are they will give you the same great results. The two most popular websites to check online reviews on are WeddingWire and The Knot. Word of mouth reviews and honest recommendations from people you know personally are also a great starting point for finding professional wedding DJs in your area.

How personable and professional is the DJ?

Many wedding DJs today lack the professionalism necessary to perform in front of people at large, or even small receptions. Weddings are usually very formal events where family members and friends of all ages come together to celebrate. Because of this, it is important to hire a wedding DJ that is personable and understands the different dynamics of group events. Also, a professional DJ service has the proper attire and people skills needed to make a great first impression to all of your guests.

Is the DJ service reliable and trustworthy?

Having a wedding DJ that you can rely on to be there for the biggest day of your life is critical. You need to be able to count on them from the first point of contact on the phone to the final equipment setup on your wedding day. Also, a DJ service that is trustworthy will make sure that everything from the music to the lighting is accurate and ready to roll on time. Choosing a person you can trust and know will be reliable will ensure your entertainment for the night will be right.

Does the DJ have the proper equipment?

Most DJs who are just starting out are not equipped with the right sound and lights to put on an effective show. Above all, look for a DJ service that has all of the things that you are looking to have for your guests to enjoy. Music is first and foremost, so make sure they have the proper speaker system. Things like uplighting and photo booths can also be added by professional DJs with the proper equipment. These are all surefire ways to entertain your guests throughout the evening.

Choose the Right Wedding DJ!

Jason Kent Sound and Lighting has the experience and award-winning credibility necessary to DJ your wedding. Call 419-619-2291 today, or contact us to find out our upcoming availability.

By: Jason Droll

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