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The show must go on. If you have an upcoming wedding already scheduled for 2020, there are a probably a multitude of questions running through your mind right now. With the novel coronavirus making headlines by the minute, it is perfectly natural to be concerned about how this may impact your big day. With so many logistics in play, it is important to be informed about the numerous options available to keep your reception running safely. For everything you should know about coronavirus safety tips for weddings and receptions, please continue reading.

Guest List Modifications

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, it is important to be informed about how this may affect your wedding day. Typically, people travel from all across the United States to attend weddings of friends and loved ones. Sometimes, they even travel from across the border or overseas. With travel restrictions being an issue, both internationally and domestically, understand that this may decrease your guest list exponentially. Remember, less is more.

Instead, consider limiting attendees to local friends and immediate family members. Having a smaller ceremony will allow plenty of safe space for you and your guests. If someone is not feeling well, have them stay at home! Additionally, the elderly are the most at risk of getting sick and should not be in attendance. Hopefully they will be compassionate about your decision and understand it is in their best interest.

Keep Your Distance

Social distancing at your wedding and reception is very important! Be sure to keep a minimum of six feet between guests at all times. No hand shaking! Instead, bump elbows or avoid physical contact altogether. Cover your mouth when you cough, and sneeze into your elbow. If you have a food buffet, have a server wear disposable gloves to dish up the plates so that your guests are not individually touching the serving spoons. Also, consider having plates of food delivered to the tables instead of a buffet to limit the spread of germs.

A great alternative for those from afar to still be able to watch your wedding is live streaming. Having an avenue for others at home to witness your nuptials take place as they happen from the comfort of their living room is the perfect fix. You can also add your professional wedding photos to an online gallery for your guests to view. Or better yet, upload videos to YouTube of your big day so your loved ones can view them over and over again. These things will help limit exposure and contact amongst your guests as much as possible!

Protect Your Guests

Having a sufficient supply of cleaning products on-hand at your wedding is a must. Although they are in short supply now, get what you can to ensure that the tables, chairs, and surfaces of your event are as clean as possible. Not all cleaners are the same, so make sure that you use EPA approved disinfectants. Keeping frequently touched surfaces cleaned properly, especially at your reception, will help protect your guests from the virus.

Place hand sanitizing stations at each and every door to ensure that everyone entering your ceremony has clean hands to begin with. Additionally, setting a bottle of hand sanitizer in the middle of every table is the perfect addition to your centerpiece. Thoroughly wash your hands as frequently as possible for a minimum of 20 seconds in hot, soapy water. If possible, have protective face masks available to guests that would like to wear them. Although they may not be the most popular choice, anything to help avoid the transmission of germs between your loved ones will be appreciated, and potentially life-saving!

Ohio Case Study

Currently, gatherings of 100 people or more are still allowed for churches and weddings. In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine has placed strict rules on public events to help eliminate the spread of coronavirus and to help flatten the curve of transmission. Please do not panic if you have a wedding and reception currently on the books in the upcoming months. Instead, stay informed and implement the tools above in order to better understand these very important coronavirus safety tips for weddings and receptions. For more information, please reference the current ODH and CDC guidelines.

If you are in Northwest Ohio, we are here to help answer any questions you may have above how this may affect your wedding reception. Considering a reschedule? As most good vendors and venues are booked solid now through October, look forward to 2021 instead. If you currently have a reception scheduled with Jason Kent Sound and Lighting, please call us at 419-619-2291. We will happily guide you through the process to ensure that your special day remains as memorable as possible!

By: Jason Droll

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